Although there were cases of Anguilla


Although there were cases of Anguilla-Barre syndrome in 13 countries after Zika infections, the World Health Organization agrees that Zika is the most likely cause and has been reported, the possibility that Zika can also cause ADEM. Although the study is small, it can provide evidence that in these cases, the virus […]

Six of the patients had autoimmune symptoms


The Zika virus, is believed to explain the epidemic proportions of babies born with microscopically in Brazil, now it has been linked to a brain disorder in adults as well. Acute disseminated encephalitis or ADEM, is a serious autoimmune syndrome characterized by widespread and severe inflammation. ADEM is known to occur after bacterial and viral […]

It is another cause is an overgrowth


The causes of vulnerabilities The condition is quite common vulnerabilities and no woman is immune. It affects women of all ages and backgrounds. The condition is often triggered or caused by: Bacteria, parasites, viruses and yeasts and certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Poor hygiene, allergens, scented soaps, bath gels, perfumes, feminine hygiene products, […]

More than a few tourists in northern


More than a few tourists in northern Chile or Peru coastal waking found an unwanted visitor in their pillows. Peruvian tarantula green velvet, also known by its scientific name, Mucus Misanthrope, is one of the three species of a genus of tarantulas living in South America. Peruvian tarantula green velvet wins its scientific […]