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The causes of vulnerabilities The condition is quite common vulnerabilities and no woman is immune. It affects women of all ages and backgrounds. The condition is often triggered or caused by: Bacteria, parasites, viruses and yeasts and certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Poor hygiene, allergens, scented soaps, bath gels, perfumes, feminine hygiene products, […]

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More than a few tourists in northern Chile or Peru coastal waking found an unwanted visitor in their pillows. Peruvian tarantula green velvet, also known by its scientific name, Mucus Misanthrope, is one of the three species of a genus of tarantulas living in South America. Peruvian tarantula green velvet wins its scientific […]

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And with a prolapsed bladder, it is normal to perceive and feel bulging, as if something were pushing out of the vagina. This is compounded when coughing, sneezing, lifting heavy objects and tension, and is likely to also experience back pain. If you are not experiencing any of the above […]